Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Inevitable

This show I came across was very interesting and caught my attention to certain subjects including interest. This show is about a boy name Watanuki who was born on April 1. His parents died in a car crash when he was little and ever since he could remember he could see spirits every where bugging him and annoying him adding that he wishes he cannot see them. But fate crossed him while he came across a magical shop that is not seen easily by the human eye. There lies a woman named Yuko who teaches him and prepares him for something more. Watanuki's journey begins facing spirits, sprites, and ghosts as well as superstition. Yuko's symbol the butterfly in this show is what i see at most times in real life and intrigues me. (It means "transformation" either of soul or body).This show is an anime and the content does not belong to me adding this i will always place it down below the post so you can click and see the episdode just to let you know ahead as well.

     ~  Inevitable: Def. unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; neccessary; an inevitable conclusion.

    Perhaps we are the strange ones in this world and not the unusual ones. People always close their minds off of the possibilities of the other world to be safe or pretend it simply does not exist but even so it can effect us in many ways. Our bodies react sometimes without our mind saying/controlling it most of the time like instinct, etc. Things that happen in our life happens for a reason and are usually there to teach us a lesson or for us to go on to the next step towards the future.
     ~Every action every price you pay you need payment.
 Yuko Shows in this episode that everything has a cost to it that is equal to the price. If we do something great something equal and opposite will take effect which would be something less good. It like karma in a way. Whatever you do will come back at you 10 fold. (but that's a different episode later on) You can never go far in life without sacrificing something that you held precious mentally, physically, or just an object of your heart. We do things in life that we don't think about or just do without knowing its price to be done effecting us, and the people around us sometimes taking control of what they do. There are roads that lie in different paths and the inevitable will take us down there to make us into who we are.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh boy

    Well lets just begin with 5 kittens that I'm fostering at the moment. There are three black ones, a tabby one, and an orange striped one. They are a very troubling sort of kittens that keep you up at night and STEAL your spot on the bed. They are very cute though and love to play and nap like any other kitten would. The only thing is that they seem to be taken away from their mother a little bit too young so they like to suckle each other on the neck happily as they soak each other. Even typing right now the silver tiger stripe one the tabby is laying its head on the keyboard as we speak sleeping covering the q button with its head towards the screen now looking and aghhhhhh! (Its attacking my fingers as I type away) They are climbers if i may add as well. They love to climb my guitar case and pant legs as well which i also remember never sit down on the floor while they are fighting/playing for they will climb your back like they like doing on my mom. Of course they are separate from the rest of the house from our other 3 cats who are not liking it as we speak especially my cat Weenie (named after Halloween) loves to sleep with me every night has to be separate as we speak since they are in my room for the week. I also did a YouTube video on them suckling away and to leave you a note on the video is that in a part you can hear them suckling away!~

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Info first

The Beginning~

The hardest part for anyone to start or begin with for every telling to be told. In this I will tell you the things that i will be doing in this blog and what it will hold. First I'm an artist who do artwork of sketches and sometimes on the computer, when I'm done with one I will it in this section or to the side. I'm going to also be talking about sayings or superstitions as well of many other things.Enjoy!~